Friday, July 3, 2015

Before Ironman

Clearly I failed to post a lot of training updates. Or blog updates. Or life updates. That ish gets BUSY! Before I get to recapping what was the hardest day of my life... maybe it's not necessary, but I feel like defending myself. My training was as good as I could have dreamed. Coach Erin trained me so well and I was incredibly prepared to complete 140.6 last Sunday. I was ready. The thing about a race, ANY RACE is you can't predict the outcome. Or the day. I knew it would be very warm. I adjusted my plan accordingly and I was fully prepared. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, it didn't go according to ANY plan I made. But we'll get to that.

The week leading up to IMCDA was awesome! Here's everything that happened leading up to the race that isn't the actual race:

Race check in and the coveted Ironman backpack! I smiled SO HARD all day long over this. I still haven't cut off my wristband (is that normal?)

check in! 

packet pick up! 

still rocking this for a few more days

Hydrating with EVERYTHING. Nuun, Osmo Active, Coconut water, water, less coffee than usual. Also began testing and using BASE electrolyte salt thanks to the recommendation of... well... everyone. Not to mention these guys were amazing on the run course helping cheer me along and promising me I'd make it home.
All race weekend prep should involve cheesin' with Wylie

Sitting in the NormaTec compression boots listening to the Athlete Briefing with Ashley, who I was so happy to meet (sorry we didn't get to visit more later in the weekend Ashley! I will mail you a t-shirt!)
You can only wear these so long when it's 100 out, and you are overly hydrated. SO MUCH SWEAT and have to pee

FINALLY meeting Erin! (and Nick and Sonia, who were amazing!) I was so happy to finally meet my friend/coach, so that we are no longer 'fake friends' from the internets. After months of chatting daily about training, and life, it felt like we'd already known each other all along. We continue to be twinsies so, I'm convinced we're sisters from another mother, as she says.

Just... what... am I doing...?

Ironkids race for Ben!! It was SO WARM this day too, and I got butterflies listening to Mike Reilly
call out 'you are an ironkid' and thinking of HOW BADLY I wanted to hear him call my name as an ironman the next day. (spoiler alert. He does.)

So warm... but look at that smooth stride

Ben! You are an ironkid!

Shake out runs and rides that felt fabulous and warm. Gear bag prep. My sister giving me race day nails. My boyfriend rubbing my feet and talking me through the race day, helping me prep my bags and bottles and nutrition. Making sure I slept, and was ready race day. He is the calm to my chronic worry.
Race nails!

Bike check! Leaving little Bessie (I don't know how I landed on that name when so many badass ones crossed my mind, but it's what stuck-when we would try to fly down the descents on Mica Bay and I would find myself saying 'easy Bessie' to myself-so there you have it) all tucked in for the night.
Bike check with fabulous Erin!

I was amazed race weekend at how peaceful I felt, really. Of course I had jitters, nerves, and couldn't eat as well as I'd have liked, but overall, I was calm, and ready, and excited.

And at the end of Saturday night, after a few episodes of "Friends" I tried to get some sleep for the 2:45 alarm clock the next day.

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