Sunday, November 22, 2015

5k training weeks 3-5 AKA when everything went off the rails

People have noticed I'm woefully behind in recapping my training. Sadly, I'm also woefully behind in the actual training. So yeah, I'm going twitter style recaps. As few characters as possible:

Week 3

Monday: 3 mi / 26:42 + 15 min Yoga Studio beginner relaxation
-all the garmin snafus, yoga so I could hopefully sleep because well long story short Jordan was on a very long work trip and I get anxious.

Tuesday: 6x400 w 2 min recovery / 4.6 total / 1:35; 27; 29; 24; 27; 26 + 15 min Yoga Studio
-so much freezing, I'm dying, everything hurts, I'm in no mood to run. Got it done. More yoga.

Wednesday: 2.9 / 30:05
-ran with Jordan's boss's wife. Super fun, super chill. More yoga

Thursday: Planned Tempo. Didn't happen. Rain, sourpuss mood, just nope. Being honest, some days I just know it'll be a shit show if I start, so I don't. They say you never regret a run, but whatever, I do sometimes, and sometimes, you just have to know when to let it go. No excuses. Just let it go.

Friday: More nope.

Saturday: 4 mi in 30:16. Realized at 3.8 as I was hammering it, that I was supposed to do 5. There was no way. Did my 4 after fussing to Rosanne for like, 5 hours. And all week. Fussy week.

Sunday: 8.3 in 1:10
-rainy, soggy, but actually a very enjoyable run. Maybe an upturn on the bleak blahs.

Week 4

Monday: maybe not an upturn. No 3 miles. No miles.

Tuesday: 9x200/200 recovery for 5.1 total / 41; 43; 40; 40; 41; 41; 41; 40; 39
-super stoked with these! closer to my goal, freezing awkward stride because can't sprint!
More yoga.

Wednesday: .....when you have mimosas at 10am, it sort of throws it all off.

Thursday: 4.4 in 35 min / Mid 15 tempo 7:17; 6:59 and final .1 at 6:30. Coming together
and the long work trip ends!!

Friday: Family time! No miles. But really this IS the rest day.

Saturday: 5 mi @ 7:46 pace. Struggle. Bus. I'm not saying I was sick this day, but I wasn't 100% healthy.

Sunday: Sick. Sick. Sick. Okay, so I felt 'okay' but apparently I looked like death warmed up. Sat in a hot tub, and then Jordan sent me to the couch while he made dinner, so I guess I did look bad.

Week 5

Monday: Sick...

Tuesday: still sick...

Wednesday: maybe I feel a little better?? .... maybe I don't.

Thursday: WALKED THE DOG AND WAS OUTSIDE FRESH AIR HOORAY!!! And then 30 minutes of yoga while sick Jordan slept on the couch... winning family health.

Friday: Weights at the gym with our new gym membership. Tried to construct a sort of plan.

Saturday: 5 @ 8:24 pace
MARATHON LEVEL SORENESS FROM WEIGHTS. But after 6 days off, this run felt much better than expected

Sunday: 30 min elliptical
ALL the sinus pressure and headaches. Long dog walk. Still sore like whoa.

Alright, there you have it. 3 weeks of sort of training, some focus, some falling apart (keeping it real.) And finally the weight training. Loving the addition of yoga because it's easy to persuade myself to fit in a whopping 15-30 minutes. I figure that is better than doing one hour once a year. Consistency, and slow build. Excited to see what consistent strength training will bring to the table. Excited to run. Just need to NOT BE SICK. However, I could have run more days than I did during the plague week. At this point in time, a winter 5k doesn't seem like a race I want to push my body through the illness for. I'd rather just rest, recover, and not be in a hole when the next big thing comes along.

Alright, on to week 6 where MAYBE there will be miles.

Monday, November 2, 2015

5k training :: Week 2

Keeping it real here, week 2 wasn't MUCH different from week 1. Not surprisingly, I didn't exactly become a sudden speed demon overnight. I kind of hoped I would? Wishful thinking right?

Planned: 3 mi easy
Actual:  3.4 mi / 31:47 / 9:17 pace

So it turns out I don't actually know the exact distances of my loops, but on an easy day, I'm totally fine with running extra. Except I was keeping it so easy that it felt like a drag! Like "this is taking so long!!!! Oh... that was only mile 1? Am I even lifting my feet up? Is this even a run?" But I kept reminding myself if I wanted to run hard tomorrow, I had to go EASY today. No unnecessary fatigue.

Planned: 8x200 @ 800m pace / 200 recovery
Actual: 1.5 WU 8x200/200r 1 mi CD / 4.6 mi / 44:24

800m pace? Yeah. Right. My goal for these was at or under 45s. Which wasn't really different from my goal 400m pace. When you're a long distance runner, finding a SPRINT gear isn't really that easy without a lot of... sprinting practice. It feels sloppy, the turnover for speed isn't really there, and no matter how hard you think you're going, it's still the same speed.

43 / 47 / 41 / 44 / 44 / 45 / 41 / 40

I met my sister and did the workout with her, and on the second one, we were still carrying on our recovery conversation, and whoops, our split showed it. I'm still learning that sprint intervals shouldn't really feel controlled like my longer reps do. It really does need to be lung busting, can't feel my legs, gasping painful. Noted.

Planned: Rest or Easy Run
Actual: 2 walks with the dog for about 3 miles total.

It was date night and I had a cranky spot on my outer ankle (sorry Brooks ST-5 Racers-we might not work out for speed) so I opted for some walks. Worth it.

Planned: 30 min tempo
Actual: 35 min tempo / 4.3 mi / 35:18

Well, I didn't want to step back from last week. Okay, I did, and I truly considered it, but I had a hard time saying "I'll tempo 10 min instead of 15..." though it was a last minute call. This time, for my tempo, I warmed up 10 minutes at an easy pace, then hit lap on my watch. I picked it up some, and after 5 minutes (without TOO MUCH watch stalking after the first minute of "I'm only running that fast?! this is HARD") I lapped again, and then one more 5. My only goal was to up the pace from where I was before... and make it more of a build up. It worked, and my paces were 7:30/7:17/7:11 for each increment. The end of the last 5 minutes was ROUGH. Cooled down home, which felt like a zombie walk.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Rest

I kind of wanted to run, but Friday just didn't pan out with other things going on to get Jordan ready for a long work trip. Rest it was.

Planned: 4 mi fast
Actual: 4 mi puke fast / 29:56 / 7:29 pace

Kind of just started hammering it. At mile one, the wind blew my hat off, so I stopped to catch it and adjust and well, try to reset my pace, and a little old white haired lady pulled over to the side of the road. I kind of thought she was going to yell at me, though I'd done nothing in the way of her car, but she tossed a small sleeve of Ritz Crackers to me, wished me a Happy Halloween and drove on. Not one to be an ungrateful hag, I carried the ritz for the next 3 miles. I guess it kept me relaxed, not crushing crackers in my fist? This was hard. My original intent with the 'fast' days was to shoot for a more marathon pace run. Which, at this time, is still hard for 4 miles, but that's neither here nor there.

Planned: 65 minutes
Actual: 1:07:18 / 7.65 / 8:48 pace

I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before, and didn't have much of an appetite-so after two cookies and a latte in the morning, I headed out for an afternoon run. After about 3 miles, it wasn't much fun anymore. My chest was feeling tight, and despite the super comfortable pace, I couldn't really breathe. But, I finished it and got home, so that's a wrap, right? Then Garmin and I fought all night, and it turns out it deleted yesterday's run altogether. Not sure this Garmin 910 XT was worth it at all.

Weekly Mileage: 24.1

Definitely need to work on less 'rest days' and more active recovery, but ... well it's cold, I'm lazy, and it's cold! And now it's dark early too.

On to week 3!