Monday, January 5, 2015


I started a 'Year in Review' type post attempting to recap the highlights of each month and got to June before I realized there was just TOO MUCH some months, and nothing other months, and I just didn't want to finish the task at hand.

So I changed my mind. No surprise there! 2014 was an awesome year. I wasn't great at taking pictures that will help my blog, but I do have pictures of a bunch of stuff I won't blog about (including, but not limited to 289180 pictures of my boyfriend becoming an Ironman, lemurs at the zoo, screen caps of text convos, and nasty sweaty selfies that nobody wants to see!)

2014 was the year I PR-ed the half marathon, finally! Not by as much as I wanted but a PR is a PR and it was hard fought. I raced without a watch, and it was as much a mental victory as anything else.

This is obviously not me actually running said race, but beforehand, with the boyfriend, who also PR-ed!
2014 was the year I won a 5k!

2014 was the year I had a BLAST racing the CDA Scenic Sprint triathlon!

2014 was the year I signed up for my first Ironman! CDA 2015!

2014 was the year we moved from North Spokane to Liberty Lake after 5+ years out there. Eastward bound!

2014 was NOT the year I met my boyfriend. But that was late December 2013 and we got to go through a lot of great experiences in this whole first year. I'll take more years with him please. 
If a man can rock a sweater vest, you keep him around. 

2014 was the year I saw everyone else train hard and race! I saw my sister run huge PRs in pretty much every race she toed the line in. My mom ran her first half marathon at 58 years old. Ben did a few triathlons and PR-ed the mile! Jordan became an ironman and kicked ass at many other races. The families that race together...

Cousins tri together

Mom the half marathoner!

Oh hey, just getting 3rd place like NBD

2014 was the year I found out I'll be a COEUR SPORTS ambassador for 2015!! I spent 2+ months anxiously waiting after submitting my application to hear the announcement and I think I had an actual joy attack (this is like a panic attack, but of excitement!) to Erin when the announcement came down. Following her is how I found Coeur to begin with (not to mention a fabulous friend and mentor in Erin herself). I swear their apparel has magical powers of feeling strong, fast, and let's face it, pretty. Because that matters (don't pretend it doesn't). When you 'feel fast' you race strong! I am so proud and honored to get the chance to be a part of an amazing team and represent company for 2015. Making the team was a huge highlight of my year.

Best. Hoodie. Ever. 

Coeur Chevron kit!! And bucket sized hat.

I can't scientifically prove that wearing my Coeur kit caused this AG win but... I'm not a scientist so it was totally the kit! 

2014 was the year that challenged me. It had highs and lows. But neither was especially high or low. It was a smooth year. There were amazing moments and memories I love. There were times I had to learn how to handle things differently than I used to, and grow more. 

It was a really good year.
Byeeeee 2014

But then, 2015 is the year they put 'Friends' on Netflix. So it's hard to beat that! 

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